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Our Clients Say

Kannan Venkaratamani

New Jersey Parent

Working with Jasmine on SAT preparation was an amazingly rewarding experience for my son. She worked hand-in-hand with him to identify and target specific improvement points. The customized study plan they crafted together was a perfect match for his learning style. Jasmine's approach was comprehensive and effective. She focused on strategic learning and a detailed analysis of how he answered questions. In addition, she taught him how to manage his time and energy effectively during the test, which made a huge difference as the test day drew closer. The payoff was excellent : my son improved his scores by 200 points! This is a clear reflection of her tutoring skills and dedication to her students. I'm immensely thankful to Jasmine for her commitment to my son's test performance and the outstanding results have set him up for success on his college application journey.

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My son has been steadily improving his SAT scores ever since he started working with Jasmine. Jasmine thoroughly spends her time engaging with students and always makes learning enjoyable. And her flexibility for scheduling is a huge plus! She is the best!

— Insun Kim, Illinois Parent (1520 SAT) 

I had her as an SAT/general tutor and ended up getting incredible value out of the sessions. She assisted me in raising my SAT score by around 200 points between both sections and greatly improved my understanding of many concepts in my humanities and math knowledge. Besides being an incredible tutor she is an extremely fun person to talk with and is very approachable.

— Dylan Sohmer, New York Student (NEST), Rochester Institute of Technology Class of 2026

I absolutely loved working with Jasmine! We had fantastic chemistry, which pushed me to work hard and still have fun while practicing. Jasmine helped me increase my score from 22 to 29, and my writing score from 8 to 10. She is an exceptional teacher who makes learning fun!

— Emma Pithan, Online Zoom Student 

Jasmine has been a tremendous help. Her tutoring has made me understand concepts that I have been struggling with for a long time. Her help has not only been beneficial for my SAT prep but I find her lessons applicable to my regular classes as well which has propelled me far above what I ever thought I could achieve mathematically. I am so grateful for her teaching!

— Hope Kotary, North Carolina Student

Jasmine was absolutely amazing to work with. She had so much patience with me and made sure to check in with me to make sure I understood everything. She helped me believe in myself when it came to one of my least favorite subjects and actually enjoy it! Her way of explaining things is so broken down and clear [that] I understood everything so well!

— Emily Hernandez, Nebraska Student 

My name is Shannon and I have a 17 year old HS junior named Nell. Nell has been working with Jasmine for a couple months on SAT tutoring 2/week, 90 minutes each time. We have absolutely love Jasmine. As a mom, I have enjoyed hearing the interaction between Jasmine and Nell. My daughter has anxiety and doesn’t easily take to people. After one session, Nell was hooked and I was relieved. They work hard together, they laugh and Nell has learned so much. She wants Jasmine to work with her through college because she has built a true connection with her. Nell even took a couple sessions to focus on Trigonometry. Jasmine switched gears and helped her thru an upcoming test. She has been worth every penny. I honestly believe if she lived in SC we would have her over for dinner and to hang out. She is incredible. I HIGHLY recommend Jasmine to anyone looking for a very smart, genuine, patient, empathetic and energetic tutor. She has been super accommodating with our very busy academic/athletic schedule. I appreciate her so much and value the connection she has made with my child. She is a gem.

— Shannon Cagle, South Carolina Parent

Jasmine was the best tutor! She was very patient and I understood all of her teaching methods!!

— JSean Essix AKA "Lil JSean," American rapper appearing on Netflix Rhythm + Flow Season 2 (2024)

Jas was absolutely amazing to work with, she had so much patience with me and made sure to check in with me to make sure i understood everything, she helped me believe in myself when it came to one of my least favorite subjects and actually enjoy it! her way of explaining things is so broken down and clear i understood everything so well!

— Emily Hernandez, Illinois Student

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