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Founder  Teacher  Artist

Head of Academics, Test Prep, and College Counseling

B.A. English at Princeton University, Magna Cum Laude

Thomas B. Wanamaker English Language Senior Thesis Prize Winner

Jasmine Wang

Jasmine's Story

Starting her teaching career at the young age of 13 at a local learning center, Jasmine has been articulating her process for success to her students for over fifteen years. Jasmine mastered the test with highly targeted error-focused practice and a plethora of techniques that flexed her mental agility and imagination. She believes that learning to manage ourselves in healthy and positive ways can lead to unprecedented gains under high-pressure environments.


Jasmine's realization that traditional teaching methodologies often focus solely on scores and numbers prompted her to combine her extensive experience in test prep and private tutoring with mindfulness modalities and her artistic sensibility. The result is her comprehensive program, Ivy League Prep, which seeks to nurture the entire student—academically, athletically, and artistically.

In founding Ivy League Prep, Jasmine Wang has not only created a unique and innovative educational program but has also become a trailblazer in promoting a more balanced and mindful approach to learning and test preparation.


Jasmine graduated from Princeton University with an English degree. She won the Thomas B. Wanamaker Senior Thesis English Language Prize.


On campus, Jasmine performed in experimental theatre senior theses, poetry slams and a cappella groups. She worked as news editor at The Daily Princetonian. She was valedictorian of the Princeton in Beijing (PIB) Mandarin Chinese Language program, Jasmine ventured on as far as Mumbai, India to work with Forbes  (and eat some masala dosa). She forayed into marketing at a children's hospital, which was about as invigorating as it sounds.


After college, Jasmine started her consulting career in vaccine development with industry giants such as GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), contributing to her nuanced understanding of complex challenges and strategic solutions within larger systems. She worked with several test prep companies, which laid the foundation for her to create a program that goes beyond conventional approaches to education.

Jasmine is currently in the 3-5 year certification process with the American Society of Alexander Technique (AmSAT) to become a teacher in the Alexander Technique: a neuromuscular process for change that has practical, limitless applications to any skill that one may want to learn. A lens that can transform any situation, professional, academic, athletic, artistic, personal. Deep learning expert. Incremental change. Psychophysical unity. Open focus. Balance and wholeness.


Jasmine brings a wealth of experience to every student she works with. 

In her spare time, Jasmine likes to paint. She is also a professional actor, recently making her TV debut on the pilot episode of CBS spin-off series, Elsbeth. 

Our Clients

Packer Collegiate Institute New York
Marymount School of New York All-Girls Catholic Private School
Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School New York
Basis Independent Manhattan STEM School New York

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