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Welcome to Ivy League Prep

If you came here in search of academic mentorship & tutoring, standardized test prep, college counseling, and even performance & public speaking -- you've come to the right place.


Shoot me an email at or text 848 565 5057. Private 1:1 client slots with me are limited

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Learn with a prize-winning academic, artist & teacher.

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Empowering independent, process-oriented, and resilient learners. 

Informed by her experiences, creative and professional, as well as by the Alexander Technique and father of modern education, John Dewey, Jasmine Wang brings a refreshingly unique, joyfully impactful perspective on the learning process — a process of change — that is rarely seen in education spaces today. 

At Ivy League Prep, we model intentional learning. We lead with curious non-judgment. We prioritize process and practice. We believe that by helping our clients develop self-awareness and agency, we are empowering them to ultimately be able to work with themselves as they navigate the academic and/or professional landscape now and in the future. 


By shedding light on each student's unique habits and assumptions -- mental and physical -- and creatively strategizing, we create the space for meaningful, lasting change to take place. Our students learn to define success for themselves while building a strong, flexible, creative toolkit that will stay with them for life.

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Make Excellence Your Habit.

a high-quality educator and trusted advisor in your corner, always.

At Ivy League Prep, we are committed to ensuring that our students receive every opportunity to develop excellent academic habits and adopt an Ivy League mindset, regardless of their final destination. We believe that success is a collaborative effort between the student, their family, and our team. We equip every student with the unique tools they need to reach their full potential.

Jasmine Wang, founder of Ivy League Prep, stands with her arms spread open to celebrate summiting Machu Picchu in Peru after graduating from Princeton University.

Post-Princeton graduation, summit of Machu Picchu in Peru.

the teachers who shaped me, unforgettably.

Shelly Fishman, former elementary school teacher at Chittick Elementary School in East Brunswick, New Jersey.

Shelly Fishman (1971-2011)

my second grade teacher who loved me so dearly and made me feel so safe in class. her warmth and love are still a part of the way I love and treat my students today. One day, Ms. Fishman brought in a huge bag of beanie babies. she gave one to each student in the class. when I traded away the beanie baby she had given me (a rainbow octopus) for my classmate's brown & white spotted dog, Ms. Fishman told me, "That beanie baby was just for you. Special, for you. Why did you trade it?" I was too young and wanted to fit in. I didn't know how to embrace the rainbow octopus that was me yet! But Ms. Fishman saw how special I was. She made sure I felt her love, even when I was too young to fully appreciate it. I feel her love now, every day even though she has passed. Rest in peace Shelly.


Leslie Catherine Anderson (1969-2022)

my physics teacher and National Honors Society advisor who wrote my recommendation for college. she was fierce (pop quizzes if the class was acting up!) and loving and so very smart. physics was a very difficult and frustrating course for me, but Mrs. Anderson liked to laugh. I was one of her favorites. She's one of my favorites too. I remember and honor her. She passed away in 2022. 


Sara Murphy

my 8th grade english teacher who broke open my world by introducing me to feminist and fantastical texts like The Edible Woman by Margaret Atwood, The Awakening by Kate Chopin and The Golden Compass. she was a hard grader and a passionate, authentic, chill, spontaneous, wild and raw soul who loved us enough to challenge us. I remember she was pregnant and standing up on the sides of the classroom. we were all so worried, but that's Ms. Murphy: alive, in motion, goddess. I felt her divine feminine and masculine energy as a teenager who didn't know much about any of that. Ms. Murphy, thank you for introducing me to my favorite books in the whole world. thank you for dedicating yourself to teaching, because I was one of the seeds you planted. I grew. I'm still growing. I'm teaching my students now with some of the same books we explored together. 

Chantal Hagan .jpeg

Chantal Hagan

my english teacher in 10th grade. Ms. Hagan was so funny, smart, friendly, and authentic. She saw me for who I was, completely. Before I embraced my identity as an artist, I was an extremely repressed & closeted young artist who coped with science classes by writing poems. Ms. Hagan would make me read them out loud to the whole class. She helped me form a positive association in my experience between creating art and sharing it with others. She wanted others to see me and celebrate me too. She made us laugh all the time because she was so cool and beautiful. All of us admired here and liked coming to class, even when there were tests because we knew Ms. Hagan was a person who we were safe to learn and fail with. When I asked Ms. Hagan if she would write me a recommendation for college, she agreed and handed me a sealed copy the day she submitted it. In her letter, Ms. Hagan said that she believed that I would change the world. I had never felt so seen, loved, affirmed. Here I am, Ms. Hagan -- I'm doing it! 

Joshua Kotin.jpeg

Joshua Kotin

my english professor & thesis adviser at Princeton University. the impact that Joshua has had on my approach to life, my curiosity, and my trust in myself has been profound. In moments when I wanted to give away my power to other people (including him) by asking for his opinion, he said, "you know this better than me. I trust you." One day, I was sitting in his office in the basement of McCosh. books lined the wall behind him. I was struggling to figure out what I wanted to do for my senior thesis. I had written my junior papers on poems. I was fascinated with Anne Carson's Autobiography of Red. Joshua spoke to me about what makes things Beautiful. He spoke to me about what it means to be in pursuit of the beautiful. one route is to study these artworks and texts and ask, "what makes this so beautiful?" and then another route is to do to the archival work, to make something precious and meaningful available to a larger community. that has its own value, Joshua told me. I have never forgotten what he said to me. I think about it every day, even as I have transformed into an artist and actor. Even as I have gone on to take classes like "Embodying the Beautiful" during my studies of the Michael Chekhov technique. An appreciation for Beauty is a tremendous motivator in learning, in unraveling curiosity, in laughter and discovery of something new... or old. <3 Joshua wrote me recommendations for countless scholarships and my first tutoring jobs in New York City. Thank you, Josh.

Ann Rodiger - ILP.jpeg

Ann Rodiger

my Alexander Technique teacher and director of the Balance Arts Center in New York City. Meeting Ann was truly the beginning of a period of massive healing and learning in my professional and personal life. The Alexander Technique is a hands-on process for change in our daily physical and mental habits. The Alexander Technique is at the foundation of all the work I do with my students. Thank you, Ann.

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