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Core Values

1. Sustainability.

We are committed to cultivating independent and resilient individuals who possess lifelong learning skills, rather than those who excel academically and then experience burnout. We firmly believe in the importance of consistency over the long term, while also being recognized for delivering outstanding outcomes within a short period. Above all, our institution seeks to foster a passion for learning among our students, as we consider it to be fundamental driver of success.

2. Process-oriented.

We recognize that it can feel scary to incorporate "process" into your studies or test prep journey: after all, we want you to get that A in history class or that perfect score on the SAT too! We believe, however, that by shifting focus to the means whereby, rather than the end-goal, students will naturally experience the joy and satisfaction of a positive outcome. By chunking up the learning process and customizing that process to each student's unique preferences, the outcome will naturally come as a byproduct of working efficiently. Process-oriented learners are more likely to succeed in the classroom, the workplace, and on stage. They are less likely to experience burnout, anxiety, frustration across the course of their lives. 

3. Curiosity over judgment.

Our students learn from day 1 that curiosity is more effective than judgment. Asking questions about our process while suspending negative self-talk creates a more joyful and neutral learning experience. Leading with curiosity creates the possibility for change and encourages flexibility. 

3. Sense of the whole.

We value the whole child, the whole experience. We believe in full integration. Ex: standardized tests are not just a "brain-bound" experience, but also a test of physical stamina. Taking care to rest, hydrate, fuel up with nutritious foods are all part of what it means to perform under high stakes.

4. Deep practice. 

Sure, you can take 99 practice tests. Or you can take 10 and approach each experience with intention and mindfulness. Through targeted, error-focused practice, you can make big strides in a surprisingly short time. Don’t be a hamster on a wheel! Be the hamster who knows better and asks questions.

5. Open-mindedness and mental flexibility.

Identifying habits and assumptions is our bread and butter. Observing oneself in order to improve and refine one's process requires open-mindedness, transparency, and the willingness to be proved wrong through experience. Our students are confident and balanced. We encourage strong opinions alongside a steady, healthy skepticism: could it be possible that I am wrong? Is there something I've overlooked? 

6. Positive reinforcement.

A vital part of learning to work with oneself is creating a system of positive reinforcement for touching the mat: showing up to session, completing homework and reflection exercises. Rewarding oneself after the fact is part of the whole experience. When students learn this, they are much more willing to engage and get started. 5.

7. Self-advocacy. 

We empower our students to advocate for themselves and their needs in any room. We listen to our students when they speak about their experiences in and out of the classroom, and model self-advocacy for them so that it becomes a practice. Students who can advocate for themselves are more confident and effective learners. 

green plants lightbulb sun desk school.jpg
Our Mission

At Ivy League Prep, we're on a mission to redefine education through personalized learning. Our goal is to cultivate resilient, curious individuals who not only excel academically but embrace lifelong learning. Through mentorship and diverse learning styles, we empower students to take charge of their education, avoiding burnout. Beyond shaping minds, we focus on sculpting whole individuals ready for a future where knowledge is actively lived and applied. With a deep commitment to fostering curiosity and resilience, we equip each student for success in an ever-changing world. We're leading an educational revolution, dedicated to shaping futures where every learner emerges as a lifelong, empowered learner and a positive force in their community.

Our Vision

To be a pioneering force in the education landscape, Ivy League Prep envisions a world where every learner is equipped with the tools for success and approaches education with intention and joy. We aspire to lead a transformative shift towards personalized and intentional learning experiences, fostering a global community of independent thinkers and lifelong learners. Our vision is to inspire and shape future generations by empowering individuals to thrive in a dynamic world through the power of process and the process of learning.
Our commitment extends beyond the classroom; we envision our students seamlessly applying the knowledge and skills gained in sessions to real-life situations—whether it's crafting a compelling history research paper in college, refining a physics experiment in the lab, navigating the aisles of a library with confidence, or communicating professional feedback in the workplace. We envision a future where our students carry the torch of intentional learning, influencing their personal and professional journeys long after our collaborative sessions have concluded. 

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